Hold the press and stop with whatever you are doing right now, grab your organizer and block the 6th of October 2016. The third edition of Picturing the Future will be held on this exact date, and unlike last year, this year the event is also accesible for non-Dutchies as there is an English stage as well. Moreover, I’m the happy go lucky ray of sunshine that has been ask to talk on the English stage, how cool!

On the sixth of October in Pakhuis de Zwijger Amsterdam, one can get immersed in the Future. Together we will try to picture the future, which trends are current? The diversity of speakers and the way they share their trend knowledge and vision for the future are what make this event.

In contrast to last PTF Event in 2015, this year there are two stages to be visit. On the  Main Stage the end presentations from the students of the Trend Academy will show their skills, named “Class 2016”. This event will be fully in Dutch as the Trend Academy is a dutch educational course.

The other stage will be Trends Galore, a platform for other trend talent that isn’t necessarily trained by Rozenbrood and is already a little step further in their trend career. What they do have in common is that they approach trends in their own professional way. They are willing and able to inspire the international crowd that resides in the Netherlands with both the content and their way of presenting trends.

I am very proud to tell you that I’ll be one of the speakers of the Trend Galore stage, and will get the chance to inspire you with my talk regarding an indicisive future.Want more information, or already want to get an early bird as you don’t want to miss this event? Check the Rozenbrood website for more information or get your tickets right here, right now! If you can’t wait till the 6th of October, which is really understandable, you can keep updated at the website, with interviews and more or twitter about it via the hashtag #getinspired. See you on the sixth of October.