Everybody deserves a second chance right? I mean have a quick look back on your life thusfar, you must remember a situation where somebody gave you one. Everybody makes wrong decisions, some make little mistakes other commited major errors. But those who learned from it and are willing to chance, they are the once that deserve the opportunity to do better.

That is exactly the vision of a Rotterdam’s new restaurant, REBELZ AAN DE ROTTE. A restaurant that is being runned by former detainees to give them a new chance to participate in society. It is actually a learning environment for young women who want to have reintegrate into society.

REBELZ AAN DE ROTTE believes that running a succesfull restaurant is something that can go hand in hand with pursuing a social goal. The name Rebel arise out of the vision that you sometimes have to go against the flow. Their definition of a Rebel, someone who is willing to fight for a better life, fits this believe perfectly.

A concept created by Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam who are both artist that want to get their audience to think about specific subjects. REBELZ AAN DE ROTTEcarries out a Mediterranean kitchen, where Syrian chef Maher al Sabbagh is in charge of the stove. According to Arno and Iris a fitting element of the concept as Maher cooks with  “Levantine influences“.  This literally means, the land where the sun rises, tomorrow land, and with their vision of looking ahead instead of backwards this suits perfectly.

At REBELZ AAN DE ROTTE you can have diner, lunch or just a drink. The interior design is edgy, colorful and surprising. The room is classified in a social and playfull way so one can easily start a conversation. The best thing of all is the fact that when you go home you know that you’ve contributed to helping another human being find their way back in life.

I’m impressed by the social responsibility this new concepts carries out. The lateral way of learning these young women how to build a new life, is way more effective then any reintegration course if you ask me. Moreover, this is purpose economy from the employers point of view, and that is an equally important. Shorty said, what a good case!

Source: REBELZ