Okay be honest, how many of you thought I made the dumbest spelling mistake in this blog titel? When you saw “Tree Wifi”, your head probably already corrected it into “Free Wifi”. Unfortunately for you, you are wrong, because I really mean Tree Wifi and I’ll even explain it to you.

So nature and wifi, not the most obvious get together, but therefor a super interesting combination as well. TREEWIFI made was so cheeky to combine the two regardless of the prejudices, when developing the smart birdhouse that measures air pollution levels and provides free wifi when the air is considered clean.

Living in a city has a lot of benefits, but one of the cons must be the feeling that there is no fresh air. A very current subject, definitely in times where we care more about nature and our health than ever before.

TREEWIFI is a Dutch initiative based in Amsterdam, whereby smart birdhouses inform residents of a neighborhood how clean their air is. If and only when, the air is clean enough they get free wifi, if not they have to get to work to be online.

Now the hard part, explain how it works. If air is polluted one can measure combustion particles in it with NO2 sensors, as this is the name of the particles. These sensors are connected with led lights on the bird house, and light up to show levels of pollution. Everything except green light is bad news and only green light provides free wifi. To help the residents out TREEWIFI helps users to improve local air by sending them tips on how to.

Moreover, TREEWIFI is already in conversation with governmental institutes and research facilities to see how their collected data can help these parties. The startup is currently fundraising for additional industrial design assistance and to get five more birdhouses out on the streets, you can support them here.

The fact that TREEWIFI combines sustainability with social responsibility is what I like the best about this young new start-up. They took an incentive that is like air to consumers nowadays and therewith can influence behaviour in a positive way. It is sort of the Pavlov of Free Wifi, but definitely necessary in a world where air pollution is everyday’s business. Moreover, the fact that they use technology in a smart way, is in my opinion a reference to our purpose economy, where products and their elaboration have to be of added value.

treewifi-wifi-free-amsterdam treewifi-amsterdamSource: TREEWIFI