Our world is filled with beautiful landmarks, both made by nature and made by men. But although I always want to believe human beings are nothing but good, reality often shows different. Our monuments, heritage and historical sites have been destroyed, and not by natural disasters only. It was human conflict that often led to the ravage of cultural ancestry. So if we are the main reason of distruction, we should be the main drive for recovery, fitting in our current Zeitgeist.

RECLAIMING HISTORY is an initiative by UNESCO within their #Unite4Heritage campaign which is in cooperating with globally known,  creative advertise agency Ogilvy New York. This crowd sourced online museum digitally recreate monuments that have been lost, RECLAIMING HISTORY is therewith fits our digital attitude perfectly.

The project arise out of an initiative from Chance Coughenour and Matthew Vincent who are both researchers and started with a project named Mosul by Rekrei. Rekrei is a project where they innovate the way they can digitally rebuild lost monuments  in Irak.  In this project they integrated their knowledge about archeology in combination with web development and photogrammetry to create digital resconstructions of the historical artifacts through crowd-sourcing. That is where Ogilvy came in to create the website for expanding this project worldwide.

“the central hub where people can go visit and learn more about the monuments that have been digitally recreated. The site will also be a place for anyone to come together and help recreate more monuments.” =Ogilvy NYC=

RECLAIMING HISTORY shows us how we are searching for our true heritage, how we long to go back to our roots and understand where we come from. It is surprising that these back to basic needs are being expressed through nowadays techniques but on the other hand fit our current zeitgeist perfectly. The crowd-sourced aspect stimulates togetherness and therewith the awareness that we have joint responsibility for this world. Moreover, I believe this could also be very interesting within our lateral learning trend to use as educative teaching materials.

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Source: Reclaiming History