If you’d ask a bunch of people what their favorite drink is, people will most likely not name “water”. Nonetheless, if you ask people what they couldn’t live without, in the literal sense of the word, water will most likely be in the top three. It is not without a reason this liquid is a necessity of life, but in our Western World, also highly undervalued.

Time to value water for what it is worth, that is what the WATER BAR must have thought. A new concept in Minneapolis, initiated by WORKS PROGRESS STUDIO.
The bar is actually a collaborative public art project, that just serves water.

That just is of course, wrongly named, as this project is actually an experiential learning laboratory for emerging environmental leaders, and an art-sustainability incubator for communities. As said before, water is a life necessity and is therefor a good ice breaker to talk about environmental issues such as water shortage, for example.

Their main goal, is in fact, to create an open space for conversations, networking or creative thinking around the  life-sustaining, precarious, communal activity of drinking water. All the involved people are in one way or another connected to the water business, water projects and water issues.

WATER BAR began in 2014 as a public art project, a pop-up bar that served local tap waters and was staffed by water researchers, sustainability educators, activists, artists and other community residents. Two years later it served over 30.000 people all over the states, and therewith drives conversations about the importance of local water.

Water bar is the embodiment of our awareness trend, because we just use the tap whenever we want. Thinking it is more than normal to just have water whenever ever we want is the wrong attitude. Moreover, WATER BAR, sparks the conversation regarding sustainability. It brings people with the same interest together and is therewith spot on the  togetherness trend as well. So let’s save champagne, drink water and let us talk about it some more.
Water_Bar_courtesy_upstreammatters.0 WB_Drinking21457818206632Source: WorksProgress