I have no experience what so ever with having kids, I’m most certainly do not have any of myself. What I do experienced is how much work kids can be, as I am currently the proudest auntie in the world, of the coolest kid in town. Back to the point now, in a society where career is still highly appreciated but childcare is very expensive, juggling between all this, might be the hardest job of all. 

They are always being made fun of, but them Belgians have some bright ideas, I have to say. Moreover, they are so simple and feasible that you truly want to hit yourself in the head wondering why you didn’t come up with it yourself. Take their new and bright concept called “DE BIJSPELERIJ“, yes that is Belgian. 

DE BIJSPELERIJis a childcare system based on sharing economy ideas. Especially in the upcoming holiday breaks, it shows that finding affordable and reliable day care for your child(ren) is a hard job. However, problems always tend to stimulate innovation at that is how DE BIJSPELERIJ in Gent arise. The social project is being supported by the borough of Gent.

Parents can register to care for a group of kids for one day and will get four days of childcare in return from other parents. The original idea is from Eefje Cottenier, who started a similar project in Kortrijk, where it was called Stuyverij. For the concept to be successful groups of five families are needed, so every family can take care of one day in the week. So what it actually comes down to is an extensive network and a social sharing state of mind.

It might not be the most brilliant and extraordinary innovation ever, but what it does do is point out how we are in a serious mentality shift. We realize we can’t do it alone, so we open up for others, we accept help and we want to be meaningful to others in return. In other words, we are looking for meaning, to add something valuable to our society. We create our own little circles of trust, so we can take care of our own, without any meddling from governmental organizations, which perfectly fits our framily values trend.

Should there ever be, in a far future, children by my side.. I am pretty sure I would be pleased with these kind of socially focused systems to help each other out, what about you?