I’d like to believe I come across highly intellectual, that whenever I’m free I read a good book or watch in-depth documentaries. Well, no that is not everything I do, I also like some shallow-brained entertainment in the form of smartphone games. My worst addiction is probably candy crush, and although I wish it was different, I cannot really find an educative element regarding this functionless game.

Luckily that isn’t the same for SEA HERO QUESTthe recently launched game that is designed to further the understanding of early onset dementia. The fact that more than 46 million people were living with dementia worldwide in 2015, according to the World Alzheimer Report 2015, shows the need for development and research regarding this poignant issue.

Under the name of Deutsche TelekomSaatchi & Saatchi developed the mobile app for SEA HERO QUESTAs they are a publicity agency, and not a research agency, they collaboration with  Alzheimer’s Research UK, University College London and game developer Glitchers, to design the app.

So how does SEA HERO QUEST works, you might wonder? The game gathers scientific information about players regarding to the moves and strategies they go with in the game. With this information they are mapping their cognitive skills and spatial awareness as this is the key point of dementia. Although it might seem like a drop in the ocean, Deutsche Telekom believes this will grow into better understanding and therefore will push the development of new tools for the diagnose of diseases that cause dementia.

I love their concept statement, “game for the good”, as this underlines the added value of this game in just one sentence. In fact Deutsche Telekom is very focussed on added value in the games their launch and therewith they are a big example for other brands to think about the purpose of their products.

This is lateral learning on its best, moreover using technology for human empowerment is exaclty what I believe should be done more often. We are looking for playfull elements in life to lighten our rural state. With Sea Hero Quest you can not only release your inner child, but it is for a good  is the embodiment of how technology is changing healt care for the better and I’d like to see more of this innovation as they really better our current life situation. Lastly, this game is embracing our current purpose economy by giving their service an extra meaningful demention, not a hollow shell but a heartwarming intention.