I am always so astonished that people associate innovation with technology and futuristic features only. For me innovation can also be small things that make big differents, that help people change their attitude or their behaviour regarding something. Innovation for me is all the things that help us forward and regarding to its target group that can be as simple as one, two, TREE…

That vision as to what innovation is, makes me embrace this solo-project by Marielle from Magical Day Dream who single handed made this world a little bit more playful.
No, it isn’t the most impressive technical feat anybody has ever seen, but it comes straight from the heart, touching human beings right where needed and therefor maybe even a more impressive perception than anything else.

Last weekend, Marielle let the city of Eindhoven gave birth to the Balloon Tree. “This might be one of the craziest projects I’ve done so far”, she said. It is all in the name already, two trees made out of balloons, to color up the city centre. It really can be as easy and thoughtfull as that.

This project is to motivate people to live their colorful and crazy dreams, as in the end the only thing that hold us from living our dream is ourselfs. We wait for chances to come, or the right moment, but we have to create it ourselfs by just doing it, and that is what Marielle did.

“I don’t have any special means or super powers. I’m just a girl with a colourful vision, dedication and passion. So if I can make this weird, happy, colourful dream come true, so can you”

A sign was added to the trees saying; Brighten the world. Make your colourful dreams reality. Share your dream: #balloontree. The hashtag is already being used a lot by people who just want to take the first step by sharing their dreams. The only goal Marielle has with these trees is to bring a smile to peoples faces, to make the world a little bit more colorful and to motivate people to pursuit their own dreams.

Now don’t all think you can just blow some balloons and make a tree yourself, because this project had over 25 volunteers that helpen Marielle realize her dream. Moreover, Stad & Co, Horecavereniging Stationskwartier and EHV365 helped assisted her as well.

This project is spot on our current playfullnes trend, it shows how we are searching for brights spots in a, sometimes, dark world. How we can release our inner child to see the beauty of life. Moreover it motivates us to pursuit our individuality in a more social world. I wish there were more people like Marielle, because the sceptic will probably say, one balloon tree won’t make summer.. I believe if we all wanted to make balloon trees summer would never end. It is all about changing attitude, that is in our hands only.

My dream is that I will be making people happy with the things I carry out in both my professional as my personal life and that I therewith make this world a little bit more colorful as well. #balloontree
balloon_tree_eindhoven_7balloon_tree_eindhoven_3-1 balloon_tree_eindhoven_6balloon_tree_eindhoven_4-1
Source: Magical Daydream