Monday mornings, most people hate them, but sometimes something really small can make a day. While I already had a 8k run behind me, I opened my laptop to get started. My morning ritual is all about coffee and my favorite websites to have enough future inspiration to get me going. This morning I came across a project, that just made my heart jump a beat…

You must have heard about the saying “beauty comes with age” , and that is exactly what the book EYES AS BIG PLATESwants to capture in their fifty portraits long book. EABP is design by Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonena Finnish-Norwegian artist duo that is passionated about the beauty of age. Together they are the perfect combination as  Karoline is a photographer with a journalism background and Riitta is a Finnish artist with an MA from the Royal College of Art.

We are living in a “silver society” as due to our “aging” trend we have more elderly people than youngsters at the moment. It is actually very simple, technology and healthy innovations ensure that we grow older, but with that longer live span elderly are also unsure what their added value to society is. Especially in the Western World, we do not value elderly the way we should do, and we are often, unfairly, confused about their usefulness.

With EYES AS BIG PLATESKarolina and Riitta want to show the beauty of age as it is these individuals that have the knowledge, life experience and stamina where we can all learn from. The project is cross-boarder and features 50 portraits, field notes and stories of elderly from ten different countries. Moreover, it also aims to rediscover a demographic group too often labeled as marginalized, and generate new perspectives on who we are and where we belong.

Now in 2016, EYES AS BIG PLATEScelebrates its fifth birthday and they are celebrating it with a stunning book that is available to everybody. They were seeking for funds through KICK STARTERbut already exceeded their funding goal in just a few days. But for now that is the fastest way to get your hands on this pearl, as soon as it is released.

I am deeply thouched by this project as this values the real humans behind the faces. This is all about back to our roots, about our pure self without anything artificial added. We are really living in a silver society, and although times change we should never forget that every single person has added value, indepently from their age, sekse or even race. EYES AS BIG PLATES celebrates the beauty of life, let us all do the same.

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