It there is currently one sensitive subject, it is definitely the subject of refugees. Some are welcoming them with open arms, others are a bit more cautious and some are even dissaprovingly of them. I can only say, every human being deserves an equal chance in life and therefore I believe we should do whatever is in our power to give them a chance.

I do not believe giving them the opportunity means give them money and do everything for them. I believe it is handing them tools to do it their self is the way to support them in their futures. That is exactly what SYR wants to do as well, a profit restaurant to get Syrian Refugees going and strengthen their position in life. |

SYR is a brand new initiative of the Gys Foundation, which is a platform for sustainable and social entrepreneurship located in Utrecht. The restaurant is not yet in brick and mortar, but is conceptual for now as the team behind it is seeking for funding to realize this heartwarming initiative.

For those who do not live underneath a rock, it is no news that the last few months a lot of refugees have come to the Netherlands, a lot of them are from Syria. Runaways, that escaped from war, inequality and suffering, not because they wanted but because they feared for their lives. These refugees are just as ambitious and full of dreams as were are, only theirs were brutally disturbed. However, that does not mean they shouldn’t get a new chance to follow their dreams and ambitions.

So the Gys Foundation developed SYR restaurant, a place where the Syrian refugees can use their talents, where they can feel at home in Utrecht and where they can actively take part in Dutch Society . Run by Syrians only the restaurant revenues will be used to support education and career opportunities for other refugees. Paying it forward in the most beautiful sense of the word.

The restaurant will serve Syrian dishes with a European twist all in the Glocalization trend of nowadays, ofcourse by the use of local and organic products. Moreover, there will be regular events such as exhibitions, film nights or cultural presentations to stimulate interrelationships between the original inhabitants of Utrecht and the newbies.

As said the restaurant is still in its conceptfase looking for funding, if you think this idea should come to live you can support them from the 25th of February at Crowd About Now. 

For me SYR is the embodiment of so many current movements in society and that makes me absolutely happy. First the fact that this concept is a obvious social innovationstrengthening human beings and therewith society in general. The fact that they embrace glocalisation by combing Syrian food with local initiatives visualizes the way different cultural groups should respectivly fuse as well. Lastly the Pay it forward aspect of this initiative underlines how we should stand for our own future, computing the consequences of our actions. A lovely example of how our society is hopefully getting more social again.

Schermafbeelding 2016-02-15 om 10.18.32o-SYRIA-DESSERT-facebookSource: SYR