We are all complaining about the battery of our phones running empty so fast. But who are we kidding, we are using the device 24/7 and still don’t understand why it has to be charged all the time. That doesn’t mean it isn’t extremely annoying, so what if we could charge it during an enjoyable moment, would that soothe our reassure our first world problems?

As twelve students of the institute of interactive design in Copenhagen got the assigment to turn everyday objects is in useful objects with a focus on urban areas, HEAT HARVEST was born. In a two week workshop in Ikea-run research lab Space10, also in Copenhagen, Sergey Komardenkov and Vihanga Gore came up with this heat distracted energy technique as one of the end products.

Think of all the devices in our house that heat up when we use them, or moreover have waste heat that is not being used for anything. Heat Harvest is a device that can either stand alone or be integrated into household items, such as tables, to capture wasted heat from our everyday objects and turn it into free, green electricity that can be reused at home.

The technique behind HEAT HARVEST is called thermoelectricity which captures heat and convert it into electricity by energy that is generate through temperature differences.

“Of course we should also try and make smarter home appliances that use less energy when we are not using them, but they would still generate heat that we can turn into electricity and reuse” –Sergey Komardenkov-

I said it before, but I’m going to say it again, “I love useful design” as I believe this should be the basic of development and innovation. HEAT HARVEST does not only answer to our current consumer convenience trends it also fits into the dematerialization box as it comes from a more-with-less principle. The fact that we are reinventing everyday products to be more efficient and sustainable makes me very positive about the future.

It is not the first time IKEA plays with the idea of energy and chargers, think of the wireless charging furniture they came up with a year ago, where you can just put down your phone and it will charge. Good to see such an impactful and well known company is engaged with future thinking design.

heat-harvest-ikea-1ikea-introduces-a-kitchen-table-that-charges-your-phone-with-free-power-1zjZNBE5-1Source: space10