Time for my latest new post at Trend Tablet by Lidewij Edelkoort. This time I had the pleasure to write about Fabian Zeijler, a passionate product designer who has a predilection for practical, comfort and aesthetics and during his study he specialized in finding the perfect balance between these three components.

One of the necessities of life is air, preferably clean air. Although we might not realize it those sixteen times a minute we gasp for oxygen, we can’t live without it. Air feeds our bodies and our thoughts to function in a healthy state of mind.

Fabian Zeijler, an aspiring young Dutch Designer who recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, took the starting point of purification of air, for his final thesis in product design. Fabian has a predilection for practical, comfort and aesthetics and during his study he specialized in finding the perfect balance between these three components.

“These factors determine to a large extent the shape and outcome and results in a simple, minimalistic, but refined product.

One of his graduation projects is called Momentum, which in Latin means “a visible moment of movement”. Momentum is a series of aerometers that give off refined warnings whenever the indoor air quality needs to be improved. Instead of the obvious flashing light signal or beeping noises most warning system spread in case of danger, Momentum starts rotating in silence so its user is warned in a subtle way whenever the air quality is below acceptable levels.

The appearance of the different aerometers gives away their function in an abstract, poetic and tranquil way. A blue pale drop stands for water and indicates low humidity, while a matte black disc represents particulate matter and therewith high levels of particulates in the air. Lastly, a white half sphere with a transparent top for ventilation exemplifies oxygen levels. As soon as the aerometers start the rotate the user knows he either has to open a window, evaporate water or filter the air.

This stunning looking series of tools for people to gain insight in their indoor air quality, shows that design can be functional as well. Moreover, it embraces consumer’s need of useful products as a result of or current dematerialization trend. Possession must have added value and with our present desire for healthification Momentum fits this contemporary attitude perfectly.

Fabian show his work to the big audience at the 17th edition of the Dutch Design week in the city of Eindhoven, where over 2400 different designers presented their work to the world. His enormous passion and exquisite clean design made him stand out. For the future Fabian wants to focus on starting his own design studio, where he would like to make sophisticated designs containing his personal signature of balancing comfort with luxury and pratical with desirable.
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