One of the advantages of having a foodie friend who works at the biggest food trend company of the Netherlands is getting to know about the coolest new developments right away. So therefor I can now tell all of you guys about this cool new app, that will never let you without the latest trend news in the hospitality branch.

My dear friend Lisa Janssen, is editor at Food Inspiration and recently worked on a very exciting project called Trendement. Lisa is the embodiment of a foodlover and with here passion for trends she and the rest of the Food Inspiration team came up with a very inspiring new smartphone application which updates you on a daily base. Thank you Lisa for the try-out, I am absolutely thrilled.

Trendement is the “spotify” amongst foodies, and can be seen as an inspiration tool for people working in the food & hospitality branch. As we are 24/7 engaged with our smartphone, inspiration should just be a thumb push away.

This food paradise offers its users short trend articles, the latest hotspots, interviews with master chefs and many more. The goals of this new application is to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration. One can totally personalize the app to their own preferences. One can choose on interest so you will create your own trend timeline exactly as you like it.

The App is totally build from scratch and therewith 100% unique, in my opinion it answer to our rush society perfectly as each article takes a maximum of two minutes to read. Hereby, it fits our knowledge society as well as it offers users the opportunity to be up to date 24/7. With its mass-personalization function this new smartphone app fits current Foodie zeitgeist perfectly.

For now the app is only in Dutch, but I can image if it keeps on being so popular as it is now that there will be an English version sometime in the future.

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Source: Trendement