Last friday I went to Paris for the day, just a random outburst to get out of my comfort zone and gain some new inspiration. Very nostalgic I took the bus, and although it might not be the most healthy way to travel to Paris, it was due to this bus trip that I discovered the Future Sensations Paris exhibition at Place de la Concorde, as this is where we were dropped off.

I have to admit that I had no clue what Saint-Gobain was, but after some research I discovered that it is one of the world’s largest building material companies and it is celebrating it 350th anniversary today. So what do you do when you celebrate such an impressive number? Right, you design , a never-before-seen global exhibition that just blows everyones mind, FUTURE SENSATIONS.

The exhibit consists out of five different pavilions that all stand for a sense, which takes the visitor onto a journey into the future. It combines storytelling with science and art which makes it an unforgettable experience. Moreover, it wants to trigger it visitors to think about how innovations are forming and transforming our current world and our future.

Just to give you a short impression about the five different pavilions and my personal experience with them:

This pavilion is like one big mirror on the outside and the baddest led light party show you’ve ever seen on the inside. The mirrors are all laid in with LEDS and it tributes the glassmaking tradition of Saint-Gobain. By day this beautiful work reflects the city and by night the led show makes this cube a miracle to look at.

This pavilion was probably the most intens experience, it is a nod to the company’s acoustic performance materials. When inside the cube on cannot hear anything, but there is a sound show with sounds from the city, so when you close your eyes you feel like standing in the middle of the street breathing the city noises. 
We are living in a multicolored world and that is exactly what this carousel stands for. Made out of to glazed mobile concentric rings this kaleidoscope makes you loose reality. Moreover it makes you see the world from different perspectives and that is most certainly necessary. 12200884_923453077702787_1599101573_n12064469_923453197702775_1192409936_n

This pavilion just blew my mind from architectural perspective, the spiral staircase stands for the upward movement of mankind across the centuries. A very visual translation of our evolution theory, and moreover a stunning piece to watch.

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Finally the last pavilion, which is named discover, is an 70-foot dome with an 360 degree visual experience. This part of the exhibition teaches its visitors all about Saint-Gobain’s innovations and its impact on everyday life. As this pavilion was originally made for the Philadelphia exhibition, this one wasn’t in Paris unfortunately.

The best thing about this exhibition is that is makes the future available for everyone of us. Either you are a future expert or a retiree, at Sensations Futures, you get a sneak peek into the future on a intelligible tone. The fact that it answers to all different senses makes it an unforgettable experience which answers to nowadays consumer needs of experience moments. This is absolutely a worthy birthday party of a company that is talking us into the promising future on product level.