Music really was my first love as I started playing the Clarinet when I was only six years old. I turned out to be better than average so at sixteen I followed a preliminary education at the conservatory where I also started to play the piano. When push came to shove I clearly chose another path to walk, otherwise you probably weren’t reading this right now. My point is still made, I love music and with my current love that also means all innovative that have to do with it.

MOGEES, brings music and innovation together just like that. They let you “play the world” as they like to introduce themselves and with such a catch phrase you’ve win me over instantly.

The little smart sensor, which is connected with an application, can be stuck to any object one desires and turns it into a musical instrument right away. Any object you like will suffice and therewith MOGEES you can enter an entire new world of endless creative possibilities.

So all you have to do is attach the Mogees to the object you want to play, Train the Mogees app to recognise different types of hits or strikes on an object, Associate these gestures to individual sounds or MIDI notes and transform any object into a musical instrument.

MOGEES is literally plug & play – simply select your instrument and start playing; Mogees will detect the audio frequency generated by your gesture and will tune the sound of your instrument accordingly.

For the alert ones around here, the first MOGEES shipped around the world in 2014, but weren’t compatible for smartphone use then. These new edition MOGEES are better than ever and therewith maybe really usable for the first time.

I love the fact that such a small device can point to a large value, namely that nothing is what it seems. The sensor makes everything playable and therewith is re-inventing our current world. It forces us to step out of our boxes and to never stop exploring. Moreover, it touches our current playfulness trend in a lovely way. Is it changing the world as being the greatest invention ever, It isn’t, but it might just change some people’s attitude about the value of objects and that is at least a great start.

  Source: MOGEES