Whenever I go out on the streets here in the Netherlands, and many more European countries, I’m so glad we are a “clean” continent. It is not all perfect over here, far from, but one thing we do good, is take care of our streets at first glance. This appreciation grew after my travel through India, as big part of this country is more of a dump area instead of the beauty it captures.

As the Western world is soaked in innovations each and everyday, we can detect that Asia is following up quickly if not passing us by. Although cultural motives are of huge influence on how countries develop and how they not see problems we seem to see with our Western Eye, the need for a “Clean Country” has arise in India as well.

The mission to get India clean is come to life into a Smartphone Application named The Swachh Bharath appThe app is based on socialization as is majorly depends on Twitter. Swachh Bharath lets you tweet locations and pictures of dirty places that need to be cleaned up as soon as possible. Moreover, these places will be cleaned up as soon as possible by active locals.

“Look down upon people who litter. Make them feel embarrassed of their behaviour! It’s no longer acceptable!!! #SwachhBharat #MyCleanIndia”

Oh and by the way, for those we will say “smartphone application in India?“, in the begin of 2014 there were over 156.000.000 smartphone users in India, so that solves that question!