Where there are people, there is traffic, so where there are a lot of people, there is a lot of traffic. Especially in urban areas this means that traffic situations are not always safe, most certainly for the weak ones in this battle of the vehicles, the bicyclists.

Copenhagen would’t be the cool design city, which it is, if it didn’t came up with a  innovative solution, to make cyclist saver in the city. The most obvious solution would be to focus on the cyclist itself, making them tougher, better protected. It might be very obvious as well, that those kind of solutions would be to regular for Copenhagen.

Instead of focussing on directly protecting the bicyclist, they focused on increasing the permeability of the city, as they believe this increases the safety of all traffic. With this vision to be remembered they developed, The Green Wave.

These strings of green light help the cyclist smoothly through the city without having to touch their breaks. Embedded in the bicycle path, the lights navigate the user amongst the traffic lights, and help them adapt their speed so they never have to stop in front of a red light ever again.

But if that would be the only thing this “Green Wave” would do, then it wouldn’t be that innovative. Cars will be able to see on their handsfree smart systems when traffic lights will change, so when to expect bicyclists. A suburb of Copenhagen even takes it one step further as they installed LED lights that brighten up so these same cyclist can detect when vehicles are around them.

The Main Goal of the Green Wave isn’t safety, it is creating a Carbon Neutral City, of which you can read more HERE. I’m impressed though, by how such a “tiny” innovation can have so much impact on an entire city as big as Copenhagen. I think I just developed a new love, Smart City Innovations.

copenhagen2-articleLargeSource; NYTimes