You must know that feeling, after a long day of work you come home, have dinner and get in bed with a lovely movie on your television screen. The sound of background music, comforting voices and soft switching lights make me fall asleep as fast as a fat child eats cake. Perfect bed night ritual you would say, but then, there is that moment you have to get yourself together to switch the TV of and there it is… Insomnia. Moreover, missing all your favorite shows or movies.

I can’t be the only one with this first world problem since there is some very cool wearable technology developed to solve this problem, “KipstR by Virgin Media”. Moreover, the idea is a co-creation of Virgin Media an two pretty cool kids Ryan Oliver (15) and Jonathan Kingsley (14) as part of the Switched on Futures initiative.

The KipstR is a 3d printed wristband which measures the heart pulse of the wearer and therewith can conclude if the person is asleep. It might also be possible the user has a heart-attack but that is another story.. :)! As soon as the device detects that you are asleep it pauses the TV, records your program or just simple nod off, whatever you prefer.

Virgin Media will be trailing this new concept during christmas time as this is the time most people are falling asleep in front of the TV as their bellies are filled with lost of food and booze. I hope the trail works out to be absolutely positive as I feel the need for this kind of technology in my sleepy life.
KipstRSource; Marketing Magazine