Today might not be the latest new thing I spotted but with christmas so close for our doors, I just wanted to share this amazing Barcelona social innovation as it might melt all the “little black hearts” out here.

VINCLES BARCELONA, This trust network Vincles, answers to the elderly population in Barcelona, and if found efficient, to the rest of Europe as aging is a serious problem in the Urban environment over here. It might not surprise you that this network is an application, as applications are very hot and happening at the moment. What might be surprising is the target group this app aims for, the elderly.

Vincles combines public and personal care and turns it in to a bubble of municipal support for the elderly, which is heartwarming if you ask me. The project is all about an app for mobile devices that will help elderly people to keep in touch with trusted ties, beloved family, good friends, volunteers, social workers and care takers to get the elderly actively involved in urban life instead of being lonely and isolated. 

Moreover, the Vincles initiative was the winner of the Bloomberg Philanthropies 2014 Mayors Challenge, a competition that aims to promote the development of the most innovative initiatives aimed at improving citizens’ quality of life.
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Source; UB.EDU