If it comes to smartphone applications we are definitely foreseen. When it comes to social smartphone application we do not have to complain either. Lastly, when it comes to connecting with strangers we are picking that movement up slowly as well with. But when it comes to connecting with strangers on a higher level then, “hi, do you wanna have sex with me?” then there is something new; COFFEE THE APP.

No I don not simply mean the indispensable golden liquid, I am talking about a new smartphone application called, “COFFEE THE APP”As they are quoting , they are “connecting the Next Generation Professionals”.

COFFEE THE APP, is a combination of LinkedIn and Tinder, it has the swiping features just like the Tinder App has as well and it if focussed on business just like the LinedIn network is. The app is all about discover interesting people and jobs. 

Although it has some technical little flaws here and there, consider it still a baby, the concept behind the application is very nowadays. We are all very addicted to our smart phones, but also very into connecting with other people and moreover,  finding work is not something you can grab from the grocery store nowadays. Put these three needs together, mix it up with the most delicious drink in the world and COFFEE THE APP has been born.

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