Do you love to travel in style, to travel soaked in luxury, then you are oldskool next year.  But do not weep, cause 2015’s travel trend is all about budget traveling except this time with some sprinkles of luxury. Next year the chances are big you will find yourself enjoying a “Poshtel”

It is all in the word, one of next years travel trends is a combination of budget and luxury. As nowadays consumer is getting more aware of what is possible and more demanding about what they want. As the economic crisis attacked their wallets tremendously they think about spending money twice as careful as they did before.

On the other hand, due to globalization the world is more accessible then ever before, so people want to experience more of it. We eat exotic food, we order products from where ever and internet makes everything reachable. Moreover, the rise of technological developments and therewith digitalization makes that we are having more leisure time than ever before. For example the fact that the rise of home offices is enormous, which saves time on work traveling. Anyways, before I go wandering off to another subject, several of these changes, change our needs regarding to leisure.

We want to go and discover the world, short city trips are popular then ever due to budget airlines like Ryan Air and Easyjet. But as we getting older and we have a little more to spend again we are sick of the extreme budget trips. The room sharing with 10 others, the filthy showers and the dilapidated hostels, we demand for a bit more luxury, and that is where the Poshtels come in.

A Poshtel is nothing more and nothing less then a Posh Hostel that has the atmosphere of a funky and convivial hostel, but has the luxury aspects of a hotel. Of course it is not as luxurious as a hotel, but close enough, private rooms and bathrooms. Great design, high-end interior but still the social aspect of the oldskool hostel.

There are some really nice Poshtels you really need to check out, for example;

This is movement is a bit scary for the hotel branch as it is spreading quickly and it attracts a lot of travelers that have out grown the dirty bed bunks but do not want to get soaked in to the commercial world of the big brands.

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