In a little town in Italy, named Bassano del Grappa… Where no tourist ever came, which is actually a shame. There is a brilliant and friendly man, with in his hand always a coffee can. His lovely little shop is a bit outside of the city, absolutely a pitty. Because this little stylish food place, puts and instant smile on my face.        –“Colazione in Bottega” –

I will stop with the rhyming, I blame it all on the season. I”ll move on to a more serious note about Colazione in Bottega, as this wonderful little place deserves all the glory it can get. During my little get away to Italy, my friend took me to this one-of-a-kind place. If you never heard about it, you will most certainly not find it as it is not in de center of the city.

So how is it possible that one regular italian guy, Frederico, had such a future thinking vision regarding a coffee place. No one will ever know, as it is his little secret, but what everybody should know, is how amazing his place is.

If you do not count alcohol, coffee is the most important beverage in Italy. That is one thing Frederico understood perfectly as he serves delicious coffees in Colazione in Bottega. But what makes this place unique and moreover, authentic is the bicycle hanging from the ceiling, the wooden design lamps, the pure and handmade food and the excellent service. Shortly said, Colazione in Bottega is a little stylish melting pot of todays consumer trends such as; authenticity, escapism, craftsmanship and pop-up pleasure. A big contrast in regard to the rest of the fairly “conventional” and “humble” city of Bassano del Grappa.

I have to say that I have a lot of respect for this guy, who had the courage to start a innovative, different and out of the ordinary concept in a slightly traditional city. Despite the fact he hasn’t have an abundance of customers yet, he treats all his visitors with so much love and respect. So if you are ever in the neighborhood, please visit this lovely and heartwarming man and his Colazione in Bottega. And for I forget, the place has a little mascot in the form of a very fluffy little dog named; Julio, who didn’t left my side for all the time I was there… “sooooo fluffy”

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Photos by; Wandering the Future & Supertectonics