There is a lot to do about “fashion” these days and then I am not talking about upcoming season’s new color or the recently pronounced angels for the Victoria Secret show this year. No, I am talking about the discontent regarding to production process, including working conditions, but also quality, authenticity and x-factor.

I could write a book about these issues, and I might will some day, but for now I want to introduce a beautiful brand to you guys, which I discovered this weekend in Italy. A brand that understand the discontent of people, that put love and care into their pieces and instead of Bangladesh or China is “100% made in Italy”.

Meet LAZZARI, a family company that is arise from passion for quality and breathtaking textiles. This craftsmanship clothing shop is the direct effect of a company that has been active in the textile sector for over 30 years. The clothes are little pieces of art, taken care of with a lot of love and exclusively made in Italy under good working conditions.

LAZZARI is focussing on the modern girl in a sweet and retro way, with beautiful paterns, soft colors and very feminine pieces. Entering the store is like entering a fairytale land, you do not know where to look, “oooh’s & aaaah’s” just leave your mouth without thinking. From music, to furniture and from atmosphere to their branding, LAZZARI brings back the “made” in Italy.

Ofcourse you can fly to Italy and see it for yourself, but I can imagine that you do not have the time considering it is almost the end of the year. Do not worry, they have their own website including a webshop, twitter, facebook and even an Instagram. Make sure to follow their somewhere as they are a pure source of inspiration.

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Photos made by Wandering the Future in Bassano del Grapa – Italy