There is one special week in the year, were Eindhoven is all soaked in extraordinary, innovative and future thinking design; “The Dutch Design Week“.¬†Although I was sick as a doggie, I went anyway, cause this event can’t pass by without me being there to see it with my own eyes.

There is unbelievably much to see at DDW2014, but I won’t kiss and tell, since I believe you should go and see it for yourself, I just ¬†want to trigger you with some really cool stuff I saw and still remember the day after. I won’t even tell who made what and where you can find it, but I promise you I will tell some more about the cool designs I discovered after the DDW has come to an end, so keep tuned.

As I am a future thinker and not a photographer, the photos are made with my smartphone, please forgive for the bad quality. 10743642_756866791028084_973363427_n 10580581_756868764361220_92583073_n 10723633_756866631028100_2039487940_n 10743742_756868427694587_1541407146_n 10743768_757040074344089_1579468241_nPhotos are made by WTF