If you have no smartphone nowadays, you are probably in the minority. If you don’t have a phone at all, you must be born in the Stone Age. Anyhow, no one can deny that Digitalization is everywhere around us. Especially the Millenials, and every other younger¬†generation, is superb tech-savy, rightly so they are often called Digital Natives.

As the Millenial I am, I have to admit that my smartphone is definitely stucked to my hand, it is my big love, my aorta and I get heart flutters whenever it is to far out of side. You might want to try to deny but I am absolutely sure it is quite the same for most of you.

That this new way of going about has an impact on every day life is very visible, with tumblr pages as “We never look up anymore“, commercials about “deadly traffic accidents” caused by smartphone use and many more. Now this impact on society has been taken to a whole other level, all that was needed was some white paint and a road. The brilliant minded Asian did it again;¬†“Smartphone roads”

In the city of Chongqing the believe arise that it is dangerous to have the normal walkers and the “head-down” smartphone walkers in the same path. Due to a huge amount of smartphone related accidents with pedestrians they designed a fitting solution. The smartphone roads divide pedestrians into users and non-users, and although there have been a lot of “funny” experiments with this subject all over the world already, with this road Chongqing is the first official smartphone friendly city. BN-EN562_123456_G_20140915030125

Source; TechTimes