No, I did not make a spelling mistake, I really meant to say “don’t let anybody BRAIN on your parade”. You might think that I have lost it, but if you continue reading you will get it.

Most of you must be familiar with “concept stores”, but there is something new nowadays, “theme stores”. Brainy Days is exactly that, a theme store, and it is owned and founded by the lovely Vera. Every three months there is a specific theme which the shop will carry out, within this theme young designers get an opportunity to exhibit their products.

All the products are lifestyle related, interior design, clothes, jewelry and many more stunning design. Next to the physical shop and the webshop Brainy Days also issues an three-monthly magazine as an inspiration on the featured theme.

                                               “Think, Collect, Create”

Brainy Days is, inspiring, creative and different and their goal is to bring brands and people closer to getter, to enjoy the beautiful things in life.

Want to visit Brainy Days, hop on any means of transport that takes you to Amsterdam and go to Hazenstraat 53, 1016 SN Amsterdam. Not able to come, you can always order on the webshop or be inspired on their social media.
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