Why would you ever wear boring clothes in a world where you can just be awesome with one single t-shirt. That is what Typographia thought as well, when they opened a shop fairly close to the famous Parc Guell, where they sell the most mindblowingly cool t-shirts ever.

I had the pleasure to discover this
geeky and cool shop during my time off in Barcelona, but there are actually more places where you can find them, such as Madrid and Lisbon, and a shop will soon be opening in Porto as well.

Typographia is an international project gathering a collective of young and creative people from all over the world and developing a unique approach to the art of printing and designing t-shirts. They work with local talent and therefore every shop has different shirts and designs.

The reason I like this funky new shop is the fact that first of all, they stimulate local talent to show their skills and second of all the shirts are so affordable that they are for everybody. Prices are between $15,00 and $20,00 for a really good looking shirt, which is absolutely reasonable if you ask me. Moreover, Typographia is spot on if it comes to quality above quantity, giving their consumers the feeling that they are special and not just income. Just entering this shop gives you an instant feeling of “wow” and believe me, you don’t want to leave anymore.


photo 2

 photos made by Wandering the Future