As an future thinker and trend watcher I love to wander around the world searching for inspiring things, one of the reasons why I was a bit quiet these last few days. I had the pleasure to enjoy Barcelona, my second home town, for some days. Not only did I have a wonderful time, I also had the pleasure to meet up with Andres Colmenares from Wabisabi-Lab, a imperfect future thinking agency. That is where the magic happened, as we met up in an amazing creative location, and also one of his partners in the business, ++. This ++, creative meeting space, is also know as MasMas which means something like more more. As the name already reveils, ++ is more, it is not just a creative cafee, a social meeting spot, a paradise or anything you can image. It is more, it is whatever you want it to be. This, by youngsters designed, hotspot in Castelldefels, Barcelona is the place to be for the creative minds around here that want to do great things. It is used for almost everything that youngsters want nowadays and creative companies have a perfect spot to develop new products and services. 10410749_700607093321590_2164181292635482732_nOn thing that caught my eye was little piece of art on the wall, which stated; “we love nature, and hate people”. I thought this wall painting just is spot on, it makes you think about the deeper meaning of life as it is a bit odd. As soon as you enter the cafe you can feel the love around you, these people do love people a lot, so why these words on the wall? My interpretation is that it is a trigger to start a conversation. It wants you to ask about it, get in touch and dares you to think different. MasMas is a magical place where you can feel the inspiration entering your body as soon as you get in, so make sure to check it out as soon as you are in the neighborhood. 10609482_712225785493054_8282780552465068406_n 10672212_712225708826395_4204179710986390421_n   You can find ++ here, and of course on social media as well.