The moment “selfie-proof” make-up has been developed, you know the world has gone ballistic. Or was it the moment the word “selfie” got so popular that it was named “word of the year 2013” by Oxford Dictionary? Well, one way or another, the world died a little when selfie was born.

And then, when you think you have seen it all, one brilliant mind called Davis Factor, yes grandkiddo of Max Factortops all the craziness off by making “selfie-proof” make-up.

Davis is actually a photographer, but of course he couldn’t be born as a Factor kid and don’t love make-up. It was this combination that made him realize it is a hell of a job to make a pretty selfie in the first way but without the right make-up the effort could be all for nothing. That is how Smashbox was developed. Foundations, primers and other useful attributes that were tested in the photo studio to make sure they reflect the light just right.

And if you think only this brand got a little crazy then think again, brands like Chanel & Dior are following rapidly. Maybe this year the new word of Oxford Dictionary will be “selfie proof make-up“.