It’s okay to be

a little obsessed

With The Future…

– Wandering The Future –


#WtFonly develops things that matter to others

#WtFis passionately curious

#WtFtransforms your state of mind

#WtFcreates chances

#WtFis part of the conversation


It is 12.00hours in the morning when all of a sudden my Iphone 7 decides to quit on me. I’m slightly surprised but I catch myself on the fact that I conclude that it is around my subscription renewal date so what else did I......

BLOB art.movement “BLOB ISSOLELY EXPRESSION WHAT OTHERS CAN RESONATE TO” “Blob”, a word that doesn’t have just one meaning, a word that has more associations than explanations, a word that everybody has its own contemplation about. However, it was this Word that inspired Miriam Slaatsand......

” A little while ago I was interviewed by Zoë Tuithof, an ambitious young starter who just wanted a little bit more info about what I do and what tips I could give her. It became a lovely and inspiring chat, and reading her interview......