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a little obsessed

With The Future…

– Wandering The Future –


#WtFonly develops things that matter to others

#WtFis passionately curious

#WtFtransforms your state of mind

#WtFcreates chances

#WtFis part of the conversation


” A little while ago I was interviewed by Zoë Tuithof, an ambitious young starter who just wanted a little bit more info about what I do and what tips I could give her. It became a lovely and inspiring chat, and reading her interview......

The question sounds so simple, and we all take a deep breath to enthusiastically answer it, because we all seem to know why we do the things we do. But as soon as we start to talk we find ourselves stuttering, searching for words that......

“DEAR FUTURE, WHAT’S YOUR POTENTIAL” The fifth edition of the European Social Innovation Week will take place from 23-29 September 2017, but this year the festival is called Dear Future. During the festival we come together to explore the future.  I’ll be there on the......